Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! :D

Have a very merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoy this holiday! ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Justin Bieber's death threat (Sorry for the freaking out :$)

OK, so I just saw on TV that some jerk tried to kill Justin Bieber. And my reaction is...

Sorry for those bad words but I'm SO pissed off!!
I really hope Justin's OK! I tweeted him a support message. It was this: " u ok, babe? i just saw on tv some1 tried to kill u!!!! still in chock here! stay safe, hun. always here with u, justin! :)" What do you think?

How do you feel about all these crazy stuff? :/

Friday, December 07, 2012

What is love? Tears or smiles?

And I cry. I cry because you're not here with me, because I'll never meet you, because you'll never know why I love you so much and why I need you so much! I cry because I'll never get to hold your hands and tell you I love you, I'll never look in your eyes and hold you tigh. And when I think that you're not here to clean my tears, I cry even  more. So the reason of my tears is you! But also the reason of my smile! That's what love is...

My yesterday story --> Against bullying: That's my mission! ;D

http://ahelpinghand-bullying-drugs.blogspot.pt/2012/12/my-mission-here-is-done-no-wait-its.html --> Check this that happened to me yesterday! It's such a beautiful story!! :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just updating my GREAT days! :P

I'm very happy, you know? There's this amazing band called PlugIn has came to my school last Monday. They are great! My friends and I weren't even paying attention to them at all, we were more interested in looking at the singer... Damn! I fond him very cute and hot!
Also today we don't have school... So I had time to finally come here :P But I miss all of my friends! :'(
When the band was in my school there was many people in a small place to see them. When I was trying to leave the place I just it someone. When I looked, it was mu crush! xD Ahahaha It's not the first time that it happens! I'll bet he already know me because we crossed many times and crashed... :P

How has you week been?

May God bless you xx

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

News + my birthday! xD (Funny)

Ok, you know what? I'm not going to the concert! :'( Yes, I cry everyday because of it, but I have real friends now that will do the possible to make me feel that I'm there! :D Sophie, Matty and Caroline! I love them! Matty is not from my school, but she is from my page on Facebook about One Direction. And she's an amazing girl!

Well, I'm going to talk about my birthday in October... It was CRAZY!!! xD First of all: at school I hit my crush that (It looks like a lie, but believe, it's the truth!) is a "celebrity"! He is known sportsman world wide, maybe you don't know, as I didn't until I saw him in a newspaper and on the Internet! xD Second: I created a Twitter account - Fighter3Dreamer. Follow me please! Third: Danny Edge (from Exclamation Point, a band I LOVE) followed me on that same day! :O Fourth: My parents told me they would give me bracelets of One Direction and finally the last one of all: I got Taylor Swift's new CD "RED"! :D

It doesn't look like birthday presents but they were the best in the past few years! :D

This is the new blog of my Facebook page. Follow it please! And keep fighting against bullying! :D

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A dream came true on July 27th 2011

Not everyone was like you, who waited 'till you could. Not everyone is like you, who take care of his fans like of his own life. No one will ever be like you, who, because of a mistake of mine, payed to send a fan letter back to me. Maybe it was because I had something that was mine in there or simply because you love your fans. But after 10 months, I received my picture that I drew and your autograph! 10 months after I sent it to you! Thank you Zach! Thank you so much for making my dream came true!

Yea, I drew this last picture! x)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Never the same again... ESSENS3

Before, I used to talk about Essens3 with a seriouse face, trying to make people see how amazing his lyrics are. Now, I say exactly the same things about him, but with a smile on my face! :)


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Blessed day!

Today is such a blessed day! To start, yesterday, an artist that I really like, Essens3, has joined my page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs on Facebook. I'm so happy and grateful to God!!
Today I went to church and I met my friends again. Oh, I really love them! We had a special with the American priest Jefferey Rosario. I really enjoyed listening God's gospel through him!
Also I downloaded Essens3's song "Try". Such an amazing song that tells us we should try to follow our dreams. Cause "the sky is the limit to whatever you desire!" My parents didn't want me to waist money buying songs, so I just heard them in his Facebook page. But Samuel L. Morris has done already a lot to me just by liking my page. I had to help him going on with his career the way he helped me to keep my page and to keep fighting! So I downloaded his song in my cellphone and I used my money to buy the song. And let me tell you: IT WAS WORTH IT! :D
I also want to ask you to follow my friends' blog. If you are a Portuguese directioner, you will love their blog! Click here ---> One Direction It'll open in another window.
So... have a very good day/afternoon/evening/night! It depends on where you are. It's night here! :P May God bless you all! <3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sorry for the past 20 days! :S Got news!! :D

OMG!!!! 20 days since my last post!! Oh, I've been such a terrible blogger!! But still, I have news!! YAY!
First, High School is the best thing that ever happened to me!! I found there so many people like me!! Directioners like Caroline, Sophie, Anna... and believers and fighters like Diane!! <3 I really feel so free now! No bullying anymore!! I'm so happy!!! :D Just about to cry!
A friend of mine, Anna (it's not the one I talked about form school) gave me a bracelet with the names of Niall Horan and Liam Payne!! Oh, that's why I love her :)
I saw again my sister, Debby! She's not my real sister, but she is a sister to me! I grew up with her and she is so important in my life!! I really can't live without her!
And the best of all: One Direction are coming to Portugal and my mom said I could go to the concert!!! AWWWW!!! I'M SO HAPPY! :D
Two weeks from now, will be amazing, because I'm going to Sophie's house and it's gonna be so much fun! :)
I won't be on much now because of school. Once again, I apologize for not posting in the past few days! Sorry, guys! Really! :)
I hope you still read the blog, ok? x)

God's bless xx

Friday, September 07, 2012

Just so long I don't come here! :P

OHHH MY GOD!!! There's so long I don't post in here! So, to start I wasn't very happy when Katy Perry kissed Harry and Niall last night... THEY'RE MINE!!
And my school is starting on a very important day: September 13!! Niall's birthday. On that day, every directioner should be wearing a green bracelet and write Nialler on the pulse or hand. That's how I how to find Directioners in my new school... High School!!
I think that there's nothing more to say... Oh wait! Are you from Portugal?? PLease, like my page One Direction, We want you in Portugal ' and read my Fanfic named "Look at me...and...smile!"
Thank you!! <3

May God bless you all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A birthday wish for my special love,
Message sent by the purest dove.
Wishing you happiness and success,
With eternal love, I must profess!


Today and today! :P

Ok, so today was just amazing! I went on Primark (my favourite shop) and I found out it was from Irland! I just bought some tresses for my hair. I really look good! Ahahaha! xD
Anyways, what is really making me happy is that I send a Happy Birthday to Liam Payne through Twitter a few minutes ago. And some three minutes after that, he wrote there thanking us for the Happy Birthday wishes... And I have that feeling that he saw MY tweet! I know, I know, it might be just something on my mind, but c'mon! He wrote that after I wrote mine. There's actually a big change! Any opinion abou it? xD


Damn! This is message number 100!!!! Already?! Oh, Lord! Thank you all for checking my blog! (Argh! I always wanted to do something cool on message 100! Oh, well. I guess I'll have to do it on message number 123 - 123 is an important number to me)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Helping Hand is now on Twitter!

Hey fighters!! My page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs is now on twitter! Follow please https://twitter.com/AHelpingHand3
The fight against bullying, drugs, suicidal thoughts, children abuse and others is now on Twitter! Facebook, now Twitter. Maybe one day, I will be back to the blog and, who know, something more! This fight is growing up and it's thanks to Leslie and especially to God! <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DON'T IGNORE! The fight against bullying now on Twitter! PLEASE READ!

Ok, so... there's this page I created to fight against bullying and drugs. http://www.facebook.com/ahelpinghand.bullyinganddrugs If you follow the blog, you already know. I was thinking in making a Twitter account for it... You know, not even everyone has a Facebook account! And like that, we could get more likes and, who know, I might save another life! (Yes, because I technically saved one life already through the page!)

List of people I DESPERATELY wanna meet! ;)

So, I just thought about making a list of people I desperately wanna meet, so here it comes! ;)
  1. Lexi - she's my partner in the fight against bullying, suicidal thoughts, children abuse, drugs and more.
  2. Erin Gruwell - Like, my biggest inspiration!
  3. Bethany Hamilton - I really wanna hug that girl! ;)
  4. One Direction - Oh, c'mon! Who's the girl that doesn't? If you don't... you're not normal! xD Just kidding!
  5. Justin Bieber - The first guy that I ever fell in love with... OMG! I can't believe I'm cheating on him with Liam! xD
  6. Britt Nicole - My favourite singer, ya know? I just wanna tell her how much she inspires me!
  7. Superchick - Like, being with them would be so awesome! They help me so much in this fight against bullying!
  8. Taylor Swift - Uh-uh! I wish so badly this girl was my friend! xD
  9. Demi Lovato - INSPIRING GIRL!! Need to say anything else??
So, I guess that those are the ones I most wanna meed right now. Anyways... could you please check my next post? I will be very important!! Thank you! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funniest moment of the day! ;)

This is just a random post just to tell that when I saw this, some 5 minutes ago, it was the time when I laughed the most today! And admit... you weren't expecting this! xD

Ps: you will only understand this if you know One Direction (or at least Harry Styles) and if you watched Shrek at least once (which I believe you did...)


Flirtatious, Irresistable! ;)

I don't even know why I'm writing this but... am I the only one that thinks about Harry Styles while listening to the song "Flirtatious, Irresistable" by Tyffany Alvord?? Yea, I know! I'm kinda crazy! xD
And I also remember him with the song "Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift... Actually everytime I sing it, it's to him!
Anyways, here's the song "Flirtatious, Irresistable"... TIFFANY ALVORD IS AMAZING! Yea, guys... I just freaked out! xD

Friday, August 24, 2012

New MP4

YOO GUYS!!! Got news... Today I just recived my first (and I believe only) MP4! It's amazing! ;) A magazine gave it because my parents signed it! AWESOME!
There's this page and I'm being admin only for today! It's being great, you know? Could you just please check it out if you are a portuguese speaker?? Thanks
Link: http://www.facebook.com/OneDirectionWeWantYouInPortugal?ref=notif&notif_t=fbpage_admin

Ya, ok! Estou a escreve em português!! Yay! Tenho a impressão que é só a segunda vez! Lol, bem hoje estou a ser admin desta página no face, mas só hoje! Até à meia noite... Sabem, tipo cinderela! E gostava que lá fossem, please!! Thanks! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yeah, funny stuff that's not funny + Funny fact about Gotta Be You musicvideo

Yeah, this isn't even funny, I know, but me and my friend Debby laughed at it... Don't ask me why... Maybe something that only directioners can understand! Lol, idk

~Le and my family watching TV and an irish mas starts talking~
My father: See an irish man talking?
~Le me~: You know, I've heard Niall Horan talking many times... I KNOW EXACTLY HOW IRISH ACCENT IS LIKE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! xD

Yeaaah... Here's something funny I just saw on Facebook about the music video Gotta Be You. I never realizd it, you know? And I'll bet you didn't too! ;)


Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad news + Don't lose hope, Cad!

Oh such bad news!! Cad's mother only has 4 months of life! So bad! And my Facebook page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs has one less like! :'(
It's so terrible what Cad's family and my cousin are going through! My prays are with them! I believe in miracles and I believe that God still can cure that lady!
Oh, Cad! Please don't lose hope, darling! I know people who had cancer and suddenly they were cured! Believe until the last moment, hun! Be strong, Cad! Or as Demi would say, STAY STRONG!
I just want to clear things up about the post I made about Danielle Peazer: I don't hate her! And I hate her haters! So, don't take it wrong please. :)

Praying for Cad and her family! :(

I just found out something really bad! My cousin's girlfriend, Cad, has lost her brother a few time ago (I don't know when exactly) and now, her mother may have cancer! I am freaking scared abut her! She wanted to commit suicide but then she met my cousin. She says he saved her life! Oh Lord, please help that girl!
Pray for her please, she really needs God in her life!

Danielle Claire Peazer --> The one living my dreams!

I'm kinda freaking out! I just found out that there is a girl who has everything that I want: name, beauty, dance talent, boyfriend... everything! And the girl is nothing less than Danielle Peazer, who I found out that Claire is her middle name, who is dating Liam and who dances so well!
Danielle Peazer is living my life!! Damn, can't I just have what she has?

A beautiful girl that is living all my dreams! But still, I love her! :)

Happy Birthday Demi Lovato


Today is a very special day for many people in the world included me! Because Demi Lovato turns 20 today! I am so proud for her because she has been so strong all this time! Demi taught me to be strong, never giving up and not believing when others say we aren't worth it! Because she also sufered the way I did and she was an example to me, because she showed me that hiding and running away from the prblems is not the solution, but if we fight and face it we can win! Thank you, Demi, for being strong and tellying us to STAY STRONG too! :) xx

Monday, August 13, 2012


This is one of the best songs I'be heard!! <3

A brand new band that is starting and I'm loving them!

Thank to Life Gets Better!

I wanna thank Life Gets Better for their intrest in my page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs. Please, like both pages on facebook: Life Gets Better and A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs
Thank you and may God bless you! xx
Partners now? ;D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jessie J + Taio Cruz --> Olympics

Watching Jessie J right now and thinking that she is amazing! ;)
Taio Cruz is also rocking that show!

One Direction at the Olympics! *---*

Heyy!! *---* G'nite everyone! Who here is seeing the Olympic's closing cerimony?? I am and I just freaked out when One Direction started singing! OMG, Liam was so perfect!! *-* And Harry... FLAWLESS!! All the others were very cute as always! ;D Their voices are so beautiful!! <3
I watched The Hunger Games on the other day. Very great movie! I wish I was so brave like Katniss...
Well, here's some pictures of the boys singing!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One last thing!

Right, I forgot! Like my page on Facebook, please! Ok? Thank you! :)

Reached 1000!

I just reached 1001 views! Thanks!! ;D

Just for fun... Can you guess this song?? ;)

Updates and stuff ;D

Oh my God! One view to 1000! Thanks guys! ;)
Just to clear up things, there's a music video where I'm almost sure that I'm in, that should be out already on last... ok on the day I saw that boy that was like Harry Styles (I don't remember the day now). And I'm getting crazy because the video is late! :S
So, if you could, check out my video on Youtube (I know I asked this already a dozen times, but I still think that it's never too much to talk about fighting against bullying): Bullying Hurts! - A pictures says more that a thousand words!
So, I just can't wait 'till I go on Claire's (yup, the shop) because now the shop is two times perfect! It already has products of One Direction! Yay! ;D
Have you listened to the new Britt Nicole's album? It's amazing! For now, my favourite song is Gold. It's great, go and check it out! :)
Gtg now ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Good day! ;)

MIRACLES...CAN...HAPPEN! Believe me when I say it! Today, I saw a boy who was exactly like Harry Styles (no joking, I'm serious!) and I just knew that Liam Payne has now his two kidneys working! Thank God for that! Suddenly, his kidney started working! Awww, I'm so happy! I also found out today that I have a radio station (one of my favourite radio stations) kinda near my town!
Good day! ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Aww guys, thank you all! I'm just 54 vews away from 1000! This can't be real! I really never thought I could ever have so many views! Thank you all who checked the smallest of things here in my blog! It just means the world to me!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you, something great will come of it." -We Bought A Zoo

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, before One Direction was actually named One Direction, Niall wanted to name it 'Niall and the Potatoes'... THANK YOU GOD FOR HARRY STYLES TO EXIST!! xD

Ps: Harry named the band... Good! :P

Lift me up when I am down!

When I'm sad, you always lift me up with your songs, with your voice, with your story... I love you!
But now, seriously: his music is the only one I can hear when I'm down! No matter what happens, he always lifts me up! I love you, Liam!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Wish...

This song tells just how I feel... change "he" to "she and "him" to "her" and you can see how I feel... about Liam!
But shhhh! It's a secret... LOL

Oh, I wish it was me! <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

The only problem that you have when you love someone that you can't have is a bronken heart!

But I'll never give up of you! <3

One Direction - 2 years!

Let's celebrate because it's One Direction's 2nd anniversary! I'm so proud of those talented boys! All of them! But I gotta admit... we all know that I have a especially love for Liam Payne! ( <3 ) ;)
Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis: NEVER CHANGE! KEEP THE TALENT! ;D
Ps: Do you like the photo? I made it... Tell me what you think! ;)

This one is yours, Debby! Love you, sis! ;) Forever Directioner!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

You tried, you failed, but you won, 'cause you're Liam Payne!

You were born, you suffered, you were strong, you tried, you failed, you tried again and you won!
Liam Payne, you deserve everything you achieved! <3

Liam James Payne was born on August 29 1993 in Wolverhampton, England. This premature baby was raised in the middle of his family, Karen and Geoff Payne (parents) and Ruth and Nicola (sisters). Until the age of four, Liam "had regular tests done in hospital as doctors noticed one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional." (Wikipedia) So, as a child, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening to stop the pain. With only one kidney working, he always had to be careful with himself, not drinking (even water had to be controlled) and having a healthy diet. When in secondary school, he was bullied. With 12, he had boxing lessons so he could defend himself from the bullies. As he said, "I broke my nose, I had my eardrum ruptured and I came home with my face bruised and swollen. But that gave me confidence."
In 2008, he had the chance to make audition for The X-Factor in Simon's house.But Simon thought he wouldn't be ready to be on the show. Liam went back home crying and disappointed because he had talent and potential to win! Two years later, he tried again and, this time, he passed and won, not the show at all, but four more great friends and the chance of being loved by everyone!
His life story inspires me and shows that you don't have to be perfect or accepted by everyone to be someone big in life! Actually, when you're not, it means you truly deserve to!

Liam Payne is an inspiration forever! You showed you've got what it takes! <3 Love you, boy!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tsunami near... GOD HELP US!

I'm kinda freaking out! I am that kind of weird girl, that believing or not, has dreams that warn her about something that will happen. Most of my dreams (all of those that look real) warned me and prepared me for something, that, if I didn't know about, I would be toast! It happens that I had a dream once where I was with my BFF at the beach and a tsunami was formed because a big ship fell in the water. Two weeks later, I had another dream where I was in another beach (very close to that one) and I was there talking to a lifeguard about the sea. It was very calm and weird. When we look better we see a tsunami coming in our direction. I started running and warning everybody. Most of people didn't believe in the warning so they died. All the others were saved. I didn't see my end because I woke up to go to school
However, today I read on the Internet that a earthquake followed by a tsunami was very near here in my country. All of it would be effected. I got a little scared because I already had that feeling since my dreams. After that I went to the beach with my BFF (the weather is sooo HOT!) And the sea was too calm for me... Like on my dreams! And I felt worried. I told all of this stuff to my BFF and she was very surprised by something. I asked her what was going on and she told me that her mother also has this feelings and they are NEVER wrong. And, since a few days from now, she has the exactly feeling about the tsunami!!
You have no idea about how much worried we are about it! GOD, HELP US!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old new blog!

Holy God! This is the third message today! And I posted the last one like, three minutes ago! I just wanted to ask you this: what do you think about the "old new blog"? I changed the background, the fonts and colors. I like it! Do you? I decided to change... kinda tired of the old stuff! xD
Bye guys! And thank you very much for visiting/following my blog! ;)

Starting bad, ending crazy!!! (Today part 2)

Starting bad, ending crazy! This is my second message in the space of one hour. My day started very bad and, as impossible as it seems, it's ending like something unthinkable!! Like, really! For years I thought that this would never happen. Actually, I have already forgotten this. But it's just happening now! My father's mother is getting on well with us... o.O
Yea, the last post is right: MY LIFE IS CRAZY!!!!! Sometimes I wish I could just change my life! Just for a day, so I could know the feeling of being a normal girl!

Welcome to my crazy life!

Do you know what's hating someone and not talking with them for years and, in one certain day (which it's not particularly a perfect day) that person just comes to your house to talk with your parents? I do! My father's mother never cared about me. Last week, my father called her to talk about something and today she came here to finish the talk... WHAT THE HECK?!
Besides that, I was supposed to go to one school but I had to change.... Crap! Like, changing school several times in two weeks is crazy! But I already know (I hope) where I am going to. I loved the school where I'm going to and it even has a theater club! Great!
Now... see my crazy life?

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Breathe freedom... YEAH!

For a long time I've been waiting for this moment, when I'd see my life upside down, the day when the sun would shine through the dark clouds of winter. From now on, who will be able to stop me? This is my future being built right in front of me! Today I had a tremendous desire to scream FREEDOM, even though I don't have it yet, it is close and granted! This time, nothing will stop the power that moves me to stay here forever, or until I find a better place. Each step that I give, each sight I see, it becomes a passionate chance that gives me that desire to scream and act on a way I never imagined before. These are the moments that give me that desire to cry of joy once again and to feel the rain falling down on my face or the sun rays shining in my shoulders. Days like today give me wings to fly, so far away that all my past won't find me ever again! And this is the day I've been waiting for all my life!


Friday, July 06, 2012

Just more updates... stuff, ya know! xD

Hey guys! What's up? I just stopped by to say that I am here, in my cousin's house and I am enjoying it very much! I just met a couple hours ago my mom's old friend. He is just great and his daughter is so cute! Anyways, I already saw the High School where I'm going to and I just simply fell in love with it! I have two concerts to go this summer... and the funny thing.... It's all of the same artist! I just love him! <3 David Carreira.
Now I gotta go get my cousin. She is in pre-school and I gotta bring her home so she can get ready to her little party at school. She will act and I'll be there to see! So cute! Maybe I will post a picture later... if I have time!
Bye xx

Monday, June 25, 2012

The same as the last! :P

Guys, please. I am here speaking in the name of every KP series fans. If you have Facebook, please like this page: http://www.facebook.com/KimPossibleFightForFivePetition . If you have a Twitter account, follow https://twitter.com/#!/KPOfficialNews . If you don't have any of these, please join this petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/164/600/385/bring-kim-possible-back-to-disney-channel/ . But please, in name of every one who supports Kim Possible series, join this because this is our past, our good moments watching TV, and in my personal opinion, KP was like a role model. Just like her, I wanted to be a cheerleader, I wanted to change the world and I wanted to have red hair and green eyes! Kim is still part of my present because it was part of my past. And I believe it was part of your past too. So, in memory of the good old times and in the hope that our today's kids can feel the way we felt, join this petition and this fight to bring KP back to our TV channels! Disney Channel isn't the same without Kim Possible...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bring KP back!

A petition has been made to bring Kim Possibe back. Join this Facebook page if you ever loved KP! I did and I still do! If you could just look at me right now, you would see I am wearig clothes just like her clothers! Follow the lik please! I beg you, in name of every KP fans, join this petition!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Believe by Justin Bieber

I just finished listening to the songs of the new Justin Bieber's album Believe! Let me tell ya that I just fell in love with the song One Love! And the song Be Alright is just amazing! I may be in love with Justin, but I support the love between him and Selena, because it's strong! So strong as my love for him! That is why I support them: I don't wanna hurt him, even if it means I end up hurting myself...

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Word of the century...

Ok, guys. Let me tell you a life lesson. The word of the century is... WHATEVER! Just use it whenever you want... Whatever!!!! xD
Oh, by the way: can you give me views on my video too? It's about bullying! :) Thank you! Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-o-azQZiY2c&feature=plcp

Updates... kinda! :P

I am so grateful to you all because everyday I have a lot of views in here! Thank you so much!

Now, just to update: I watching right now on Youtube Kim Possible: So The Drama (yea, I still like that stuff! xD). I really love that! This afternoon me and my friend Nica are going to the beach.

Sometimes I just wish I could know who you all are and be friends with you... Do you thing we would like each other?
God bless! xx

Thursday, June 07, 2012


I wanna go to a beach, my parents want me to go to another! I don't like it... I DON'T WANNA GO!!!!
(I'm deeply sorry for being crazy, but I'm getting crazy in here!!!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back from the vet!

Noo, I really wasn't the one who had to go to the Vet! It was my ew puppy!! He is five weeks now. Here's a photo I took when I recived him three days ago!

(Yes, my nails are all colourfull! xD That's just me)

Today I took him to the Vet. Now he is a portuguese "dogtzen" (dog + citzen)! His name is Papi, just like Papi from Beverlly Hill's Chihuahua. This is him after coming from the Vet:

Oh, and by the way. I think this dog wil be a rapper when he grows up. Check out his style!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Freedom Writters Diary

The Freedom Writers Diary, a book I'd like to read. Here where I live that book isn't in shops, it isn't in markets or even on the Internet. But it tells the story of a teacher, Erin Gruwell, and how she changed the mind of the whole class of room 203.
I watched the movie at school for the first time. Today I watched it again at home and you know what? Erin Gruwell is, day by day, a bigger inspiration in my life! She did what I wanna do in life: change lives, change the world!

If any of you can help, let this message hit Erin Gruwell or one of the Freedom Writers! I really want them to know how much they help me everyday to fight against what's wrong and to built a brand new world! :) Share this! Who knows if it doesn't reach them?

May God bless you and bless Erin and the Freedom Writers too!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maths... :S

Alright... I am trying to to do my maths homework... Lying!! I am not! I gave up already! Argh! It's so damn hard!! I really can't do it and I have the most important Maths test of the year in kinda like two days! I am afraid I don't pass. It's not usualy mine but I failed the Fisic-Chemistry's test!! :S I passed Science, Portuguese and I wanna know if I'll pass Maths. But I failed in the first test and it was used lots of maths... So it means there is a chance of me failing this one too! We hope not! :)
I am now on my Facebook page called "my dream, my favourite boy, my Justin Bieber $:" (click in the link and like it! ;) GO!) and I see no one liked the new chapter of my story! If you are any kind of portuguese speaker (yea, I like saying "a language speaker") go and read it! Oh, and like it!
Now I gotta go because my head is spining around because of those numbers! xD
God's bless! xx

Friday, May 04, 2012

Anne Frank: My Inspiration and The Strongest Girl I Ever Saw!

There was a girl who was exactly like me. It's just that she died because some people didn't know the meaning of humanity! And I wish from deep in my heart I had met her!

R.I.P. Anne Frank, the only girl who has ever been and felt like me! May God keep you in His mind!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Strong against bullies!!

Guys! Finally I was strong enough to fight against those who have bullied me! After nine years, I talked to the school president and they were called to his office! Now I feel safe! Do you believe that they were joking because of mu surgery! And it's all because the nurse who took care of me said it all to her daughter who told everything at school! :( She doesn't know that she can't talk anywhere what she does at work, does she?
Besides that, tomorrow I'm going to my BFF's birthday party! It's gonna be awesome!
I will send now a story I wrote for a contest. The best story wins tickets to the show CSI: Live. I really want to go! ;)
Ps: I'm sorry for not posting for so long, but I had to save my internet!
God's bless! xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A band... looking for a singer!

I just heard about a band here where I live that is looking for a female singer. I just hope my mom lets me do the castings because I really want to sing and to be part of the band (if they play good music, of course! :P)
Wish me luck! ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

My neighboor is a murderer!!! :O

Well, I live in a very small town. But that doesn't mean I don't see crazy things sometimes! Listen to this story because it's totaly insane!
I live in a small flat in front of another. In that flat, lived a couple. It was the woman, the two small kids (a boy and a girl) and her husband (he was under house arrest with electronic bracelet). A few weeks ago, a men was killed in the zone. This week we found out that this woman who is my neighbor was one of the four murderers: it was her, her bother, their cousin and someone else who I really don't know. They killed the men just because they found out he had some gold at home. They shot him and left him to die in an old house. The old man stayed three days there until he died! I just can't believe this! It looks like even small villages are dangerouse now!
Basically, my neighbors are murderers!!!
Oh damn! I gotta be carefull! This is the proof that we never know who's beside us!

Check this picture I made: Neighbors Killing Neighbors! xD I found the image on the internet and I made the edit! :P

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friendship's unity!

As I said before, I made a surgery three weeks ago. But I still can't go to school yet. So, I am very proud to know that I have real friends by my side who care about me!! :D
Last week, my friend Nicole texted me asking if I was alright!
Yesterday, my boy best friend, Rodrigo, texted me asking if I was alright and asking how the surgery was.
Today, my friends Lisa and Andreia texted me and wished me the best. And just a few minutes ago, my second best friend, Magali, just called me!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

See this boy in the photo? His name is Martim. He is Portuguese. Or he was... On March 23, this boy committed suicide. WHy? Because he was bullied at school. Everyday, his school mates punched him and joked with him because of his way of being, just because he was a boybelieber! Yes, just because of that! For very long days he used to wonder when that pain would end. He cried, he suffered in silence. "The pain will end!", they said. But it never ended. On that day, he drowned in his bath.
This boy will always be in my heart because he suffered, he dreamed, he was strong and he fell. But he will be remind everyday, he will be in my mind! And I hope he is in your mind too, but especially in your heart!
May God bless you all and may HIM help this boy's family to go through everything! Martim, rest in peace! </3

"You Again" --> Marni's life = My life!

I was watching the movie "You Again" like an hour ago and I realized that Marni's life is my life! Every time Marni got hurt or remind about her school time, tears just came to my eyes because it made me remember of my life! Marni is never heard when she needs to be heard, Marni is bullied at school, Marni sees somehow her enemy in her family life, Marni needs glasses, Marni used braces, Marni had a horrible hair, Marni... Marni is me! When I say that my life is a movie, I am NOT over reacting. I am being just honest with myself! Saying true to myself...

April 1 --> Two actor's birthdays

Ya know? I was seaching on wikipedia right now about celebrities and I found out another actor (very hot, by the way) whose birthday is also on April 1st: Matt Lanter. I know him from the movie "War Games - The Dead Code". It's pretty cool! And I just didn't know that his birthday was also on the same day as Asa Butterfiel, my favourite actor (check the posts below)!
Anyway, so I'm wishing "happy late birthday" to Matt now! Happy birthday, Matt Lanter!! xD
God bless! xx

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Freak nature!

Let me see... Today is a perfect sunny day, where birds fly in the sky and there is no cold here around. Almost no clouds in the sky! But now, pay attention! I was on my bedroom and I heard a noise from outside. I went to the window and I exclaimed "Look! It's raining! It's going to have a rainbow in a few minutes!" So I ran to the living room to see the rainbow better from the balcony! Now people, see this: when I arrived to the balcony, i was like "WOW!!! o.O What the hell is going on?!" It wasn't raining... IT WAS FALLING HAIL!!!
How on earth can this be happening? This nature is VERY freak!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Happy birthday Asa Butterfield!

Today, 1st April, is one of my favourite actor's birthday! He is 15 years old now! Happy birthday!!
Asa Butterfield acts on my favourite movie, Hugo, as the main actor. I first saw him on the movie Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, acting Norman. His blue eyes caught my attention right in the moment I saw them. Since then he became one of my favourite actors and now I follow every movie he is in. You may know him from the very famous movie The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, about the World War II. He is the main character, Bruno. Now he is filming a movie called Ender's Game where he will be playing the main role: Ender. He lives in Islington, somewhere "near" my cousin, with his parents and siblings: Morgan and Loxie. He plays the piano (and I wouldn't mind if he tough me how to play!) and likes cats (nice because I had already 5 cats or that). He also loves reading and I hope he likes mystery so we can read together! xD And as obvious, he was born on April 1 1997.
God's bless for all of you and may HE bless Asa Butterfield too! ;) (cool! I made a rhyme and I didn't realize!)
Hey guys! What's up? There's a long time I hadn't come here! Just came to update and all those stuff! :P Two reasons of not coming here:
  1. My internet was gone so I couln'd be online!
  2. I made a surgery two weeks ago on Friday and I couldn't go anywhere to get internet! :P
I missed my computer, my Facebook, my blog, etc... Have you been checking my Youtube? There's a new video there about Bullying! Go there and tell me what you think!
May God bless you! ;D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My new video

Guys, follow the link and watch my new video about bullying!

Library, Youtube, and books! Oh! And bullying! xD

I'm at the library here and I am freaking out because this Youtube is so damn slow to upload my videos! I need to upload two and it's still missing 49 minutes to finish the first upload. Anyway, I haven't came here in months so  I'm finding this pretty intresting! And I found out that down there at the theatre there is, every saturday, a stuff to kids to sing! I just need to know if I can sing or not! :P
Why is the title of this message that? I's because I am at the library, as I alredy said it, I am on youtube, as I said it too, and because I'll check the books to see if there is something intresting here around! :P
Click here: My YouTube Account, to go to my account. In less than one hour the first video will be uploaded! ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theatre at school

Today, the theatre came to school. The "3 Pancadas" was great and the actors were so very funny! In the photograph is (in this oder): Diana (actress), me, Inês (my BFF) and Nuno (actor).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy birthday, Erica!!

My cousin Erica is 5 now! Today's her birthday and I just want to wish her a happy birthday! Now I gotta go because I have a history test tomorrow and I have to study! ^-^
God bless xx

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Subscribe&Share my other blog! :)

Hey! I have a blog where I talk about bullying and drugs. Would you please visit, subscribe and share my blog?? Please!! Click here: A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs and it will open on another page. Go there and show it to your friends if you like it!! Visit too my Facebook page (click here: A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs (blog) ) Thank you!!
May God bless you!

Ps: Tell me what you think about the blog, alright? ;)

Sunday, March 04, 2012


The volunteering today went great! It was awesome to collect food for families in need! Our church friends were there to help us and a lot of people accepted to buy some food to those families in need! Of course many people said no and some were even rude to us, but God has guide us and this work!
As I said yesterday, here's pictures of the volunteering!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sunday For Help

This Sunday will be for helping others! Some friends and I are going to a mall to collect food to people in need. I'll be there changing somebody's life! And that's something I wanna do so badly! If I can, I'll post a picture of it for y'all to see, ok? :)
May God bless you and bless the volunteering of tomorrow and my friends of church who are going to be there in Jesus' name!

Around the world!

Wow! I was just checking out how many people have been seeing my blog and I realized that I have visitors from around the world! From France, UK, USA, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Bolivia and even Arabia! That's huge, people! Thank you guys! :D Really!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A new favourit movie: Hugo

Ya know the movie Hugo? It's just amazing! Watched two days ago, yesterday and watched it today again! One more time, I say that Asa Butterfield and Chlöe Moretz were great there! Chlöe made a great brittish accent! And my mom says that Asa Butterfield looks like a cousin of mine! But, yes: they have the same big blue eyes, the same light skin and the same dark hair! xD
Anyway, that movie is amazing and I say it all times I need: WATCH IT BCUZ IT'S GREAT!!!!! Lol
God bless! x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My cousin is gonna be a model?!

Guys, got a new! My little cousin, Erica, is going to be a model to a fashion magazine! Isn't it great? The director of the magazine saw my cousin at school and he contacted her mother. Now, my coisin will be the model in the magazine! AWESOME!!! I always knew that that little girl would be someone big in life! But she's only four! Didin't know it would start now! ;) Have you seen this? My cousin as model, me as singer and a friend of mine as actress! Wow!
Just got some words to my sweet little girl:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My "Romeo and Juliet" story!

"Hi, my name is Juliet and this is my story!" --> No, my name isn't Juliet, but it coud be! It could possibly be! I am in love. Started this love with 13 (didn't Juliet?). I fell in love when he was 16 (didn't Romeo?). Every girl in the world want my "Romeo". He doesn't know me, you know? But he would love me if he knew me! Nobody supports this love! Actualy, everyone says "don't love him!". We have thousands of miles between us. We have land and water in the way... This is my "Romeo and Juliet" story. He is from the town where Shakespeare is the person arround everything, even the name of the town. I feel that Romeo and Juliet are the base of my life. I fight to be with him, but I always lose the battle. This story has two ends: Shakespeare and and Taylor Swift's end... which one will it be?

Friday, February 17, 2012

~~Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield~~

All my life I wondered where I did know that song from? I thought and thought and I could never find out the answer. I felt that the time and place of my past present in that song was right there in my memory! But I couldn’t remember. Once, I closed my eyes, and cleaned my mind of everything. I putted that song playing and I did nothing more. Whatever I wanted was about to be reached. And that summer just came. Oh yeah, we were all together for the last time! All together! I was arriving and the fire where the fish was being cooked was there, near the entry’s balcony. My family was there. The radio was on the table and that song was on air. Now I know it! Now I do! Because I didn’t before!  And that warm of that summer night has just came to warm up the cold winter I’m living! (Miss those times… Family together, nothing to worry!) :'(

“Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find! Reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it. Release your inhibitions! Feel the rain in your skin! No one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in! No one else, no one else can speak the words on you lips! Judge yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open! Today is when your book begins: the rest is still unwritten!”

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Awwww!! Another follower on my blog (at least it's what Blogger is telling me!)!! Now, I want you to follow my other blog, please!
Click here --> A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs and my blog will open on another page. This blog is to help people about bullying and drugs. Any question about it? Ask on the blog! ;)
God bless xx

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

I'm hearing the song When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and I'm thinking how much that song has changed my life and my way of thinking! Whitney Houston and Celine Dion were the first singers that I ever recognized as favourit. The firsts singers that made me love music. We will miss you Whitney Houston!
RIP Whitney Houston

Friday, February 03, 2012

Go like Swifties For Life on Facebook!

Like Taylor Swift? Got facebook? Then go like: http://www.facebook.com/SwiftiesForLifee
An amazing page!! :D
God bless!


Drugs are not good. Neither for me, neither for you or for our community! Drugs destroy our lives and our future. Even our past is destroyed with them: all the plans, goals, education, friends, and much more are gone with drugs. DON'T let drugs destroy you!
-Follow the link (drugfreeworld.org) and order your Kit or learn more about drugs of the fundation.

-There are a lot of things you can do! You can go to the nearest hospital, you can tell a teacher, a good friend or you can call the HelpLine Drugs of your country. But if you prefer the internet, then follow those links:
(I'm sorry if I don't have your country here, but I didin't know more websites! :) Anyway, I think I could help!)

Look for help! Follow these websites or search you country's website!

Give them a help! Show them you are able, sho them you are there for them! Give some help!

God bless you all and may God help those in need!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

♫ Happy, unhappy! ♫

♫ Lalala! Happy, unhappy! Should I smile, should I cry? ♫ Uh, sorry! I was just singing! xD Well, I wrote here what I was singing because it's what I feel! I'm happy for a looot of reasons but a bit sad too! I'm happy because I am writing a story for a page and I am cooking for the first ime and... OH MY GOD THE RICE!!!! BRB....  Ok, I'm back! xD Well, going on. And I am sad because no one is liking or commenting the story (by the way, it's on Facebook) and also because these three last days nobody visited my blog!:( :( Well, I gotta go talk to my cousin! :P
God bless! xx

Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMG!!! YES!! 1D ROCK!!

OH MY HOLY GOD!!! I just can't believe this!!! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING TO PORTUGAL!! All I've been waitig for! But of course, if it was Justin Bieber it would be sooo much better... -.-'
Those talented cute guys are coming to my country! Maybe my country isn't so bad as I think! xD Well, 1D is coming and I just hope I will see them! If they go to my cousin's city I will!! If they don't I woun't! :( I hope they will! <3
By the way, Harry's birthday is in four days: february 1! Don't forget that important date! ;D
God bless you all and 1D! xD (Oh GOD, make them go to my favourit city of this little country!)

One Direction - One Thing

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beliebers portuguesas: LEIAM POR FAVOR!

Para todas as beliebers portuguesas que tem facebook:
Eu sou a nova administradora desta página e amava que gostassem da página e que seguissem a FIC que vou continuar a escrever chamada My Life Has Changed! Obrigada a todas! :)

Happiness day! :) (Read because it's beautiful and kinda funny) - This is big, but it's worth it!

Ahhh! :) Today was so great! At school, my portuguese test went fine and at the net class we (Nica, Lady and I) were presenting a PowerPoint we made about bullying. At the end everyone started daying "Yea, and how are we gonna know who the victims are?" and then "So, you say that the victims hide themselves and never talk to anyonw. How will we have sure that they are vistims?" and then  I said "Talk to them. Make them trust you and they will tell you sooner or later!". But then they strated sayig that victims never talk and all those stuff and that if that don't wanna talk we should leave them alone. At that moment I lost my mind and said this:
"Do you at least know why they don't talk to you? Is because they are afraid! I was a victim of bullying and do you know how long did it take for me to speak to someone?"
"It took since 1st grade until middle of 6th grade. João (a guy from my class), do you remember when my cousin was here?"
"It was with him that I spoke and not with my BFF as you are saying. I didin't even knew her yet! I was there, outside, sitting in the staires and then my cousin was with you and your group. he came to me and said 'You are not staying there alone! You are coming with me!' and I did. If it wasn't him making me meet you guys, today I was still there alone, sitting in a corner trying to hide myself from the world."
As I spoke those words tears strated running outta my face. I just couln't hide them! Everyone was quite. Just silence until a friend of mine said "OK, stop crying because I have to read a poem and you are gonna make me cry too!" I laughed and a mate said from nothing "You were from my class on 5th grade, right?"
"yes, I was. Why?"
"Hehe, I knew it! My memory is so good! We were on the same table."
"Yes, we were. And you were always kicking my legs that I arrived home with them all black!"
He started glowing so much and everyone laughed even more! It was a crazy day but I felt happy as I haven't done for a while! :)
Oh, and by the way: the girl that used to hate me (she is not from my class) doesn't anymore! We talked for a while after that stuff that happened! :) I'm SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Short & Meanfull...

Pain, pain, pain, pain...
Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt...
Tears, tears, tears, tears...
Suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer...

Isn't this meanfull?

Friday, January 20, 2012


You know what? You know what?? YOU KNOW WHAT?? I bet you DON'T!!! Can you guess??? Can you?? OK, not spending more time with this. Yes, I will tell you now! Hey don't stress! It's right on the way! :P
OK, now I will say:
I GOT MY CELLPHONE BACK!!! xD (if ya dont know, it was broken and it had to go to factory!) YAY!
God bless! xx

Btw: Check out the new Britt Nicole's song!

Monday, January 09, 2012


You freak me out! Just because you are dumb and I'm smart, you are stupid and I'm not! Could you stop, not just to make me feel better but to make my pain stop a little bit!
Some people are just unbelieveble! I'm the only one here, the only belieber...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Helping others! :)

It feels amazing when we feel like we are helping someone! :) It feels amazing to feel that we are making a good job with others! Be a part of this too by spreading the word! Help others too and be helped with those websites/links (they need our help!):
Let's help others and let yourself be helped if you need! <3
God bless you all! :D

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Very meanfull!

Very meanfull this song and this video!
One of the best songs I have heard! I got it from the movie "To Save a Life"


It hurts to know it, it hurts that my fears are real. It makes wanna cry everytime I hear about it! Because you are not what I thought! Do I have to live with it? Because it's not what I want! If I was there, it wouldn't be happenig, if you were here, I would guide you! Why does it have to be like this? Am I able to tell the truth to you? Are you able to hear it? Your mistakes will hurt you, but they hurt me even more! I can't believe, can't live with it. Why is it so hard to comunicate?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bad dream!

Last night I had the worst dream of my life! In the dream I was living my worst fears and what I'm most fearing and hoping for not to happen just happened in the dream! Something that would break my heart and never fix it again! Something that I know it's a lie but many people say it's true! And it's because of they that I am inseure about that, even knowing it's a lie and just a fear! I was so damn down when I woke up that I had to write a song about it during the day. Here's a bit of the lyric:

"I'm so afraid that you disapear,
That you become what I don't want you to.
So I'm afraid that I'm not near
To guide you through it all!
Oh, I'm afraid that I'm not the one,
That you lose your way!
Is my faith so weak, so grey?
But my biggest fear
Is that my fears become real!
God, make this fears heal!

Why is my heart broken
If it's only just a bad dream?
It's all because of the fear
I have inside of me..."