Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMG!!! YES!! 1D ROCK!!

OH MY HOLY GOD!!! I just can't believe this!!! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING TO PORTUGAL!! All I've been waitig for! But of course, if it was Justin Bieber it would be sooo much better... -.-'
Those talented cute guys are coming to my country! Maybe my country isn't so bad as I think! xD Well, 1D is coming and I just hope I will see them! If they go to my cousin's city I will!! If they don't I woun't! :( I hope they will! <3
By the way, Harry's birthday is in four days: february 1! Don't forget that important date! ;D
God bless you all and 1D! xD (Oh GOD, make them go to my favourit city of this little country!)

One Direction - One Thing

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beliebers portuguesas: LEIAM POR FAVOR!

Para todas as beliebers portuguesas que tem facebook:
Eu sou a nova administradora desta página e amava que gostassem da página e que seguissem a FIC que vou continuar a escrever chamada My Life Has Changed! Obrigada a todas! :)!/pages/my-dream-my-favourite-boy-my-Justin-Bieber-/153660651382664

Happiness day! :) (Read because it's beautiful and kinda funny) - This is big, but it's worth it!

Ahhh! :) Today was so great! At school, my portuguese test went fine and at the net class we (Nica, Lady and I) were presenting a PowerPoint we made about bullying. At the end everyone started daying "Yea, and how are we gonna know who the victims are?" and then "So, you say that the victims hide themselves and never talk to anyonw. How will we have sure that they are vistims?" and then  I said "Talk to them. Make them trust you and they will tell you sooner or later!". But then they strated sayig that victims never talk and all those stuff and that if that don't wanna talk we should leave them alone. At that moment I lost my mind and said this:
"Do you at least know why they don't talk to you? Is because they are afraid! I was a victim of bullying and do you know how long did it take for me to speak to someone?"
"It took since 1st grade until middle of 6th grade. João (a guy from my class), do you remember when my cousin was here?"
"It was with him that I spoke and not with my BFF as you are saying. I didin't even knew her yet! I was there, outside, sitting in the staires and then my cousin was with you and your group. he came to me and said 'You are not staying there alone! You are coming with me!' and I did. If it wasn't him making me meet you guys, today I was still there alone, sitting in a corner trying to hide myself from the world."
As I spoke those words tears strated running outta my face. I just couln't hide them! Everyone was quite. Just silence until a friend of mine said "OK, stop crying because I have to read a poem and you are gonna make me cry too!" I laughed and a mate said from nothing "You were from my class on 5th grade, right?"
"yes, I was. Why?"
"Hehe, I knew it! My memory is so good! We were on the same table."
"Yes, we were. And you were always kicking my legs that I arrived home with them all black!"
He started glowing so much and everyone laughed even more! It was a crazy day but I felt happy as I haven't done for a while! :)
Oh, and by the way: the girl that used to hate me (she is not from my class) doesn't anymore! We talked for a while after that stuff that happened! :) I'm SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Short & Meanfull...

Pain, pain, pain, pain...
Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt...
Tears, tears, tears, tears...
Suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer...

Isn't this meanfull?

Friday, January 20, 2012


You know what? You know what?? YOU KNOW WHAT?? I bet you DON'T!!! Can you guess??? Can you?? OK, not spending more time with this. Yes, I will tell you now! Hey don't stress! It's right on the way! :P
OK, now I will say:
I GOT MY CELLPHONE BACK!!! xD (if ya dont know, it was broken and it had to go to factory!) YAY!
God bless! xx

Btw: Check out the new Britt Nicole's song!

Monday, January 09, 2012


You freak me out! Just because you are dumb and I'm smart, you are stupid and I'm not! Could you stop, not just to make me feel better but to make my pain stop a little bit!
Some people are just unbelieveble! I'm the only one here, the only belieber...

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Helping others! :)

It feels amazing when we feel like we are helping someone! :) It feels amazing to feel that we are making a good job with others! Be a part of this too by spreading the word! Help others too and be helped with those websites/links (they need our help!):
Let's help others and let yourself be helped if you need! <3
God bless you all! :D

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Very meanfull!

Very meanfull this song and this video!
One of the best songs I have heard! I got it from the movie "To Save a Life"


It hurts to know it, it hurts that my fears are real. It makes wanna cry everytime I hear about it! Because you are not what I thought! Do I have to live with it? Because it's not what I want! If I was there, it wouldn't be happenig, if you were here, I would guide you! Why does it have to be like this? Am I able to tell the truth to you? Are you able to hear it? Your mistakes will hurt you, but they hurt me even more! I can't believe, can't live with it. Why is it so hard to comunicate?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bad dream!

Last night I had the worst dream of my life! In the dream I was living my worst fears and what I'm most fearing and hoping for not to happen just happened in the dream! Something that would break my heart and never fix it again! Something that I know it's a lie but many people say it's true! And it's because of they that I am inseure about that, even knowing it's a lie and just a fear! I was so damn down when I woke up that I had to write a song about it during the day. Here's a bit of the lyric:

"I'm so afraid that you disapear,
That you become what I don't want you to.
So I'm afraid that I'm not near
To guide you through it all!
Oh, I'm afraid that I'm not the one,
That you lose your way!
Is my faith so weak, so grey?
But my biggest fear
Is that my fears become real!
God, make this fears heal!

Why is my heart broken
If it's only just a bad dream?
It's all because of the fear
I have inside of me..."