Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tsunami near... GOD HELP US!

I'm kinda freaking out! I am that kind of weird girl, that believing or not, has dreams that warn her about something that will happen. Most of my dreams (all of those that look real) warned me and prepared me for something, that, if I didn't know about, I would be toast! It happens that I had a dream once where I was with my BFF at the beach and a tsunami was formed because a big ship fell in the water. Two weeks later, I had another dream where I was in another beach (very close to that one) and I was there talking to a lifeguard about the sea. It was very calm and weird. When we look better we see a tsunami coming in our direction. I started running and warning everybody. Most of people didn't believe in the warning so they died. All the others were saved. I didn't see my end because I woke up to go to school
However, today I read on the Internet that a earthquake followed by a tsunami was very near here in my country. All of it would be effected. I got a little scared because I already had that feeling since my dreams. After that I went to the beach with my BFF (the weather is sooo HOT!) And the sea was too calm for me... Like on my dreams! And I felt worried. I told all of this stuff to my BFF and she was very surprised by something. I asked her what was going on and she told me that her mother also has this feelings and they are NEVER wrong. And, since a few days from now, she has the exactly feeling about the tsunami!!
You have no idea about how much worried we are about it! GOD, HELP US!!

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