Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bad dream!

Last night I had the worst dream of my life! In the dream I was living my worst fears and what I'm most fearing and hoping for not to happen just happened in the dream! Something that would break my heart and never fix it again! Something that I know it's a lie but many people say it's true! And it's because of they that I am inseure about that, even knowing it's a lie and just a fear! I was so damn down when I woke up that I had to write a song about it during the day. Here's a bit of the lyric:

"I'm so afraid that you disapear,
That you become what I don't want you to.
So I'm afraid that I'm not near
To guide you through it all!
Oh, I'm afraid that I'm not the one,
That you lose your way!
Is my faith so weak, so grey?
But my biggest fear
Is that my fears become real!
God, make this fears heal!

Why is my heart broken
If it's only just a bad dream?
It's all because of the fear
I have inside of me..."


  1. I just wanted to say I love your blog. How old are you? I'm almost a teenager. I'm 12. But anyway, I love those lyrics, and I can relate!!

  2. Thank you! <3 it's great to know that you love my blog! :) I'm 14. It's good to know that you like and can relate to my song too! <3 thank you for comenting!