Saturday, October 06, 2012

Blessed day!

Today is such a blessed day! To start, yesterday, an artist that I really like, Essens3, has joined my page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs on Facebook. I'm so happy and grateful to God!!
Today I went to church and I met my friends again. Oh, I really love them! We had a special with the American priest Jefferey Rosario. I really enjoyed listening God's gospel through him!
Also I downloaded Essens3's song "Try". Such an amazing song that tells us we should try to follow our dreams. Cause "the sky is the limit to whatever you desire!" My parents didn't want me to waist money buying songs, so I just heard them in his Facebook page. But Samuel L. Morris has done already a lot to me just by liking my page. I had to help him going on with his career the way he helped me to keep my page and to keep fighting! So I downloaded his song in my cellphone and I used my money to buy the song. And let me tell you: IT WAS WORTH IT! :D
I also want to ask you to follow my friends' blog. If you are a Portuguese directioner, you will love their blog! Click here ---> One Direction It'll open in another window.
So... have a very good day/afternoon/evening/night! It depends on where you are. It's night here! :P May God bless you all! <3

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