Sunday, April 08, 2012

See this boy in the photo? His name is Martim. He is Portuguese. Or he was... On March 23, this boy committed suicide. WHy? Because he was bullied at school. Everyday, his school mates punched him and joked with him because of his way of being, just because he was a boybelieber! Yes, just because of that! For very long days he used to wonder when that pain would end. He cried, he suffered in silence. "The pain will end!", they said. But it never ended. On that day, he drowned in his bath.
This boy will always be in my heart because he suffered, he dreamed, he was strong and he fell. But he will be remind everyday, he will be in my mind! And I hope he is in your mind too, but especially in your heart!
May God bless you all and may HIM help this boy's family to go through everything! Martim, rest in peace! </3

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