Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maths... :S

Alright... I am trying to to do my maths homework... Lying!! I am not! I gave up already! Argh! It's so damn hard!! I really can't do it and I have the most important Maths test of the year in kinda like two days! I am afraid I don't pass. It's not usualy mine but I failed the Fisic-Chemistry's test!! :S I passed Science, Portuguese and I wanna know if I'll pass Maths. But I failed in the first test and it was used lots of maths... So it means there is a chance of me failing this one too! We hope not! :)
I am now on my Facebook page called "my dream, my favourite boy, my Justin Bieber $:" (click in the link and like it! ;) GO!) and I see no one liked the new chapter of my story! If you are any kind of portuguese speaker (yea, I like saying "a language speaker") go and read it! Oh, and like it!
Now I gotta go because my head is spining around because of those numbers! xD
God's bless! xx

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