Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A birthday wish for my special love,
Message sent by the purest dove.
Wishing you happiness and success,
With eternal love, I must profess!


Today and today! :P

Ok, so today was just amazing! I went on Primark (my favourite shop) and I found out it was from Irland! I just bought some tresses for my hair. I really look good! Ahahaha! xD
Anyways, what is really making me happy is that I send a Happy Birthday to Liam Payne through Twitter a few minutes ago. And some three minutes after that, he wrote there thanking us for the Happy Birthday wishes... And I have that feeling that he saw MY tweet! I know, I know, it might be just something on my mind, but c'mon! He wrote that after I wrote mine. There's actually a big change! Any opinion abou it? xD


Damn! This is message number 100!!!! Already?! Oh, Lord! Thank you all for checking my blog! (Argh! I always wanted to do something cool on message 100! Oh, well. I guess I'll have to do it on message number 123 - 123 is an important number to me)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Helping Hand is now on Twitter!

Hey fighters!! My page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs is now on twitter! Follow please
The fight against bullying, drugs, suicidal thoughts, children abuse and others is now on Twitter! Facebook, now Twitter. Maybe one day, I will be back to the blog and, who know, something more! This fight is growing up and it's thanks to Leslie and especially to God! <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DON'T IGNORE! The fight against bullying now on Twitter! PLEASE READ!

Ok, so... there's this page I created to fight against bullying and drugs. If you follow the blog, you already know. I was thinking in making a Twitter account for it... You know, not even everyone has a Facebook account! And like that, we could get more likes and, who know, I might save another life! (Yes, because I technically saved one life already through the page!)

List of people I DESPERATELY wanna meet! ;)

So, I just thought about making a list of people I desperately wanna meet, so here it comes! ;)
  1. Lexi - she's my partner in the fight against bullying, suicidal thoughts, children abuse, drugs and more.
  2. Erin Gruwell - Like, my biggest inspiration!
  3. Bethany Hamilton - I really wanna hug that girl! ;)
  4. One Direction - Oh, c'mon! Who's the girl that doesn't? If you don't... you're not normal! xD Just kidding!
  5. Justin Bieber - The first guy that I ever fell in love with... OMG! I can't believe I'm cheating on him with Liam! xD
  6. Britt Nicole - My favourite singer, ya know? I just wanna tell her how much she inspires me!
  7. Superchick - Like, being with them would be so awesome! They help me so much in this fight against bullying!
  8. Taylor Swift - Uh-uh! I wish so badly this girl was my friend! xD
  9. Demi Lovato - INSPIRING GIRL!! Need to say anything else??
So, I guess that those are the ones I most wanna meed right now. Anyways... could you please check my next post? I will be very important!! Thank you! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funniest moment of the day! ;)

This is just a random post just to tell that when I saw this, some 5 minutes ago, it was the time when I laughed the most today! And admit... you weren't expecting this! xD

Ps: you will only understand this if you know One Direction (or at least Harry Styles) and if you watched Shrek at least once (which I believe you did...)


Flirtatious, Irresistable! ;)

I don't even know why I'm writing this but... am I the only one that thinks about Harry Styles while listening to the song "Flirtatious, Irresistable" by Tyffany Alvord?? Yea, I know! I'm kinda crazy! xD
And I also remember him with the song "Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift... Actually everytime I sing it, it's to him!
Anyways, here's the song "Flirtatious, Irresistable"... TIFFANY ALVORD IS AMAZING! Yea, guys... I just freaked out! xD

Friday, August 24, 2012

New MP4

YOO GUYS!!! Got news... Today I just recived my first (and I believe only) MP4! It's amazing! ;) A magazine gave it because my parents signed it! AWESOME!
There's this page and I'm being admin only for today! It's being great, you know? Could you just please check it out if you are a portuguese speaker?? Thanks

Ya, ok! Estou a escreve em português!! Yay! Tenho a impressão que é só a segunda vez! Lol, bem hoje estou a ser admin desta página no face, mas só hoje! Até à meia noite... Sabem, tipo cinderela! E gostava que lá fossem, please!! Thanks! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yeah, funny stuff that's not funny + Funny fact about Gotta Be You musicvideo

Yeah, this isn't even funny, I know, but me and my friend Debby laughed at it... Don't ask me why... Maybe something that only directioners can understand! Lol, idk

~Le and my family watching TV and an irish mas starts talking~
My father: See an irish man talking?
~Le me~: You know, I've heard Niall Horan talking many times... I KNOW EXACTLY HOW IRISH ACCENT IS LIKE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! xD

Yeaaah... Here's something funny I just saw on Facebook about the music video Gotta Be You. I never realizd it, you know? And I'll bet you didn't too! ;)


Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad news + Don't lose hope, Cad!

Oh such bad news!! Cad's mother only has 4 months of life! So bad! And my Facebook page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs has one less like! :'(
It's so terrible what Cad's family and my cousin are going through! My prays are with them! I believe in miracles and I believe that God still can cure that lady!
Oh, Cad! Please don't lose hope, darling! I know people who had cancer and suddenly they were cured! Believe until the last moment, hun! Be strong, Cad! Or as Demi would say, STAY STRONG!
I just want to clear things up about the post I made about Danielle Peazer: I don't hate her! And I hate her haters! So, don't take it wrong please. :)

Praying for Cad and her family! :(

I just found out something really bad! My cousin's girlfriend, Cad, has lost her brother a few time ago (I don't know when exactly) and now, her mother may have cancer! I am freaking scared abut her! She wanted to commit suicide but then she met my cousin. She says he saved her life! Oh Lord, please help that girl!
Pray for her please, she really needs God in her life!

Danielle Claire Peazer --> The one living my dreams!

I'm kinda freaking out! I just found out that there is a girl who has everything that I want: name, beauty, dance talent, boyfriend... everything! And the girl is nothing less than Danielle Peazer, who I found out that Claire is her middle name, who is dating Liam and who dances so well!
Danielle Peazer is living my life!! Damn, can't I just have what she has?

A beautiful girl that is living all my dreams! But still, I love her! :)

Happy Birthday Demi Lovato


Today is a very special day for many people in the world included me! Because Demi Lovato turns 20 today! I am so proud for her because she has been so strong all this time! Demi taught me to be strong, never giving up and not believing when others say we aren't worth it! Because she also sufered the way I did and she was an example to me, because she showed me that hiding and running away from the prblems is not the solution, but if we fight and face it we can win! Thank you, Demi, for being strong and tellying us to STAY STRONG too! :) xx

Monday, August 13, 2012


This is one of the best songs I'be heard!! <3

A brand new band that is starting and I'm loving them!

Thank to Life Gets Better!

I wanna thank Life Gets Better for their intrest in my page A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs. Please, like both pages on facebook: Life Gets Better and A Helping Hand - Bullying and Drugs
Thank you and may God bless you! xx
Partners now? ;D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jessie J + Taio Cruz --> Olympics

Watching Jessie J right now and thinking that she is amazing! ;)
Taio Cruz is also rocking that show!

One Direction at the Olympics! *---*

Heyy!! *---* G'nite everyone! Who here is seeing the Olympic's closing cerimony?? I am and I just freaked out when One Direction started singing! OMG, Liam was so perfect!! *-* And Harry... FLAWLESS!! All the others were very cute as always! ;D Their voices are so beautiful!! <3
I watched The Hunger Games on the other day. Very great movie! I wish I was so brave like Katniss...
Well, here's some pictures of the boys singing!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One last thing!

Right, I forgot! Like my page on Facebook, please! Ok? Thank you! :)

Reached 1000!

I just reached 1001 views! Thanks!! ;D

Just for fun... Can you guess this song?? ;)

Updates and stuff ;D

Oh my God! One view to 1000! Thanks guys! ;)
Just to clear up things, there's a music video where I'm almost sure that I'm in, that should be out already on last... ok on the day I saw that boy that was like Harry Styles (I don't remember the day now). And I'm getting crazy because the video is late! :S
So, if you could, check out my video on Youtube (I know I asked this already a dozen times, but I still think that it's never too much to talk about fighting against bullying): Bullying Hurts! - A pictures says more that a thousand words!
So, I just can't wait 'till I go on Claire's (yup, the shop) because now the shop is two times perfect! It already has products of One Direction! Yay! ;D
Have you listened to the new Britt Nicole's album? It's amazing! For now, my favourite song is Gold. It's great, go and check it out! :)
Gtg now ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Good day! ;)

MIRACLES...CAN...HAPPEN! Believe me when I say it! Today, I saw a boy who was exactly like Harry Styles (no joking, I'm serious!) and I just knew that Liam Payne has now his two kidneys working! Thank God for that! Suddenly, his kidney started working! Awww, I'm so happy! I also found out today that I have a radio station (one of my favourite radio stations) kinda near my town!
Good day! ;)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Aww guys, thank you all! I'm just 54 vews away from 1000! This can't be real! I really never thought I could ever have so many views! Thank you all who checked the smallest of things here in my blog! It just means the world to me!