Saturday, March 17, 2012

Library, Youtube, and books! Oh! And bullying! xD

I'm at the library here and I am freaking out because this Youtube is so damn slow to upload my videos! I need to upload two and it's still missing 49 minutes to finish the first upload. Anyway, I haven't came here in months so  I'm finding this pretty intresting! And I found out that down there at the theatre there is, every saturday, a stuff to kids to sing! I just need to know if I can sing or not! :P
Why is the title of this message that? I's because I am at the library, as I alredy said it, I am on youtube, as I said it too, and because I'll check the books to see if there is something intresting here around! :P
Click here: My YouTube Account, to go to my account. In less than one hour the first video will be uploaded! ;)

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