Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sorry for the past 20 days! :S Got news!! :D

OMG!!!! 20 days since my last post!! Oh, I've been such a terrible blogger!! But still, I have news!! YAY!
First, High School is the best thing that ever happened to me!! I found there so many people like me!! Directioners like Caroline, Sophie, Anna... and believers and fighters like Diane!! <3 I really feel so free now! No bullying anymore!! I'm so happy!!! :D Just about to cry!
A friend of mine, Anna (it's not the one I talked about form school) gave me a bracelet with the names of Niall Horan and Liam Payne!! Oh, that's why I love her :)
I saw again my sister, Debby! She's not my real sister, but she is a sister to me! I grew up with her and she is so important in my life!! I really can't live without her!
And the best of all: One Direction are coming to Portugal and my mom said I could go to the concert!!! AWWWW!!! I'M SO HAPPY! :D
Two weeks from now, will be amazing, because I'm going to Sophie's house and it's gonna be so much fun! :)
I won't be on much now because of school. Once again, I apologize for not posting in the past few days! Sorry, guys! Really! :)
I hope you still read the blog, ok? x)

God's bless xx

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