Friday, April 13, 2012

My neighboor is a murderer!!! :O

Well, I live in a very small town. But that doesn't mean I don't see crazy things sometimes! Listen to this story because it's totaly insane!
I live in a small flat in front of another. In that flat, lived a couple. It was the woman, the two small kids (a boy and a girl) and her husband (he was under house arrest with electronic bracelet). A few weeks ago, a men was killed in the zone. This week we found out that this woman who is my neighbor was one of the four murderers: it was her, her bother, their cousin and someone else who I really don't know. They killed the men just because they found out he had some gold at home. They shot him and left him to die in an old house. The old man stayed three days there until he died! I just can't believe this! It looks like even small villages are dangerouse now!
Basically, my neighbors are murderers!!!
Oh damn! I gotta be carefull! This is the proof that we never know who's beside us!

Check this picture I made: Neighbors Killing Neighbors! xD I found the image on the internet and I made the edit! :P

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