Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just updating my GREAT days! :P

I'm very happy, you know? There's this amazing band called PlugIn has came to my school last Monday. They are great! My friends and I weren't even paying attention to them at all, we were more interested in looking at the singer... Damn! I fond him very cute and hot!
Also today we don't have school... So I had time to finally come here :P But I miss all of my friends! :'(
When the band was in my school there was many people in a small place to see them. When I was trying to leave the place I just it someone. When I looked, it was mu crush! xD Ahahaha It's not the first time that it happens! I'll bet he already know me because we crossed many times and crashed... :P

How has you week been?

May God bless you xx

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

News + my birthday! xD (Funny)

Ok, you know what? I'm not going to the concert! :'( Yes, I cry everyday because of it, but I have real friends now that will do the possible to make me feel that I'm there! :D Sophie, Matty and Caroline! I love them! Matty is not from my school, but she is from my page on Facebook about One Direction. And she's an amazing girl!

Well, I'm going to talk about my birthday in October... It was CRAZY!!! xD First of all: at school I hit my crush that (It looks like a lie, but believe, it's the truth!) is a "celebrity"! He is known sportsman world wide, maybe you don't know, as I didn't until I saw him in a newspaper and on the Internet! xD Second: I created a Twitter account - Fighter3Dreamer. Follow me please! Third: Danny Edge (from Exclamation Point, a band I LOVE) followed me on that same day! :O Fourth: My parents told me they would give me bracelets of One Direction and finally the last one of all: I got Taylor Swift's new CD "RED"! :D

It doesn't look like birthday presents but they were the best in the past few years! :D

This is the new blog of my Facebook page. Follow it please! And keep fighting against bullying! :D