Saturday, August 11, 2012

Updates and stuff ;D

Oh my God! One view to 1000! Thanks guys! ;)
Just to clear up things, there's a music video where I'm almost sure that I'm in, that should be out already on last... ok on the day I saw that boy that was like Harry Styles (I don't remember the day now). And I'm getting crazy because the video is late! :S
So, if you could, check out my video on Youtube (I know I asked this already a dozen times, but I still think that it's never too much to talk about fighting against bullying): Bullying Hurts! - A pictures says more that a thousand words!
So, I just can't wait 'till I go on Claire's (yup, the shop) because now the shop is two times perfect! It already has products of One Direction! Yay! ;D
Have you listened to the new Britt Nicole's album? It's amazing! For now, my favourite song is Gold. It's great, go and check it out! :)
Gtg now ;)

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