Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMG!!! YES!! 1D ROCK!!

OH MY HOLY GOD!!! I just can't believe this!!! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING TO PORTUGAL!! All I've been waitig for! But of course, if it was Justin Bieber it would be sooo much better... -.-'
Those talented cute guys are coming to my country! Maybe my country isn't so bad as I think! xD Well, 1D is coming and I just hope I will see them! If they go to my cousin's city I will!! If they don't I woun't! :( I hope they will! <3
By the way, Harry's birthday is in four days: february 1! Don't forget that important date! ;D
God bless you all and 1D! xD (Oh GOD, make them go to my favourit city of this little country!)

One Direction - One Thing

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