Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just updating my GREAT days! :P

I'm very happy, you know? There's this amazing band called PlugIn has came to my school last Monday. They are great! My friends and I weren't even paying attention to them at all, we were more interested in looking at the singer... Damn! I fond him very cute and hot!
Also today we don't have school... So I had time to finally come here :P But I miss all of my friends! :'(
When the band was in my school there was many people in a small place to see them. When I was trying to leave the place I just it someone. When I looked, it was mu crush! xD Ahahaha It's not the first time that it happens! I'll bet he already know me because we crossed many times and crashed... :P

How has you week been?

May God bless you xx

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