Sunday, August 26, 2012

List of people I DESPERATELY wanna meet! ;)

So, I just thought about making a list of people I desperately wanna meet, so here it comes! ;)
  1. Lexi - she's my partner in the fight against bullying, suicidal thoughts, children abuse, drugs and more.
  2. Erin Gruwell - Like, my biggest inspiration!
  3. Bethany Hamilton - I really wanna hug that girl! ;)
  4. One Direction - Oh, c'mon! Who's the girl that doesn't? If you don't... you're not normal! xD Just kidding!
  5. Justin Bieber - The first guy that I ever fell in love with... OMG! I can't believe I'm cheating on him with Liam! xD
  6. Britt Nicole - My favourite singer, ya know? I just wanna tell her how much she inspires me!
  7. Superchick - Like, being with them would be so awesome! They help me so much in this fight against bullying!
  8. Taylor Swift - Uh-uh! I wish so badly this girl was my friend! xD
  9. Demi Lovato - INSPIRING GIRL!! Need to say anything else??
So, I guess that those are the ones I most wanna meed right now. Anyways... could you please check my next post? I will be very important!! Thank you! :)

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