Saturday, February 18, 2012

My "Romeo and Juliet" story!

"Hi, my name is Juliet and this is my story!" --> No, my name isn't Juliet, but it coud be! It could possibly be! I am in love. Started this love with 13 (didn't Juliet?). I fell in love when he was 16 (didn't Romeo?). Every girl in the world want my "Romeo". He doesn't know me, you know? But he would love me if he knew me! Nobody supports this love! Actualy, everyone says "don't love him!". We have thousands of miles between us. We have land and water in the way... This is my "Romeo and Juliet" story. He is from the town where Shakespeare is the person arround everything, even the name of the town. I feel that Romeo and Juliet are the base of my life. I fight to be with him, but I always lose the battle. This story has two ends: Shakespeare and and Taylor Swift's end... which one will it be?

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