My dreams and goals

These are my dreams and goals, things I wanna do before I have 30:

Make a difference in the world

Be a singer

Sell my book (a story I'm writting)

Volunteer in Africa

Adopt a chinese girl

Create something for charity

Make an ice skating dance and show it

Show God's love by music

Meet Britt Nicole and work with her

Make a trip around the world

Learn to surf

Have a dog (done!)

Save a life

See Nic again (an old friend that left me with three years old when I was nine)

Have all my family together as it has never been

Meet Justin Bieber and tell him how much I love him

Meet Bethany Hamilton and tell her how she inspires my life

Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Meet One Direction (maybe only Liam Payne would be fine!)