Friday, April 27, 2012

Strong against bullies!!

Guys! Finally I was strong enough to fight against those who have bullied me! After nine years, I talked to the school president and they were called to his office! Now I feel safe! Do you believe that they were joking because of mu surgery! And it's all because the nurse who took care of me said it all to her daughter who told everything at school! :( She doesn't know that she can't talk anywhere what she does at work, does she?
Besides that, tomorrow I'm going to my BFF's birthday party! It's gonna be awesome!
I will send now a story I wrote for a contest. The best story wins tickets to the show CSI: Live. I really want to go! ;)
Ps: I'm sorry for not posting for so long, but I had to save my internet!
God's bless! xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A band... looking for a singer!

I just heard about a band here where I live that is looking for a female singer. I just hope my mom lets me do the castings because I really want to sing and to be part of the band (if they play good music, of course! :P)
Wish me luck! ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

My neighboor is a murderer!!! :O

Well, I live in a very small town. But that doesn't mean I don't see crazy things sometimes! Listen to this story because it's totaly insane!
I live in a small flat in front of another. In that flat, lived a couple. It was the woman, the two small kids (a boy and a girl) and her husband (he was under house arrest with electronic bracelet). A few weeks ago, a men was killed in the zone. This week we found out that this woman who is my neighbor was one of the four murderers: it was her, her bother, their cousin and someone else who I really don't know. They killed the men just because they found out he had some gold at home. They shot him and left him to die in an old house. The old man stayed three days there until he died! I just can't believe this! It looks like even small villages are dangerouse now!
Basically, my neighbors are murderers!!!
Oh damn! I gotta be carefull! This is the proof that we never know who's beside us!

Check this picture I made: Neighbors Killing Neighbors! xD I found the image on the internet and I made the edit! :P

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friendship's unity!

As I said before, I made a surgery three weeks ago. But I still can't go to school yet. So, I am very proud to know that I have real friends by my side who care about me!! :D
Last week, my friend Nicole texted me asking if I was alright!
Yesterday, my boy best friend, Rodrigo, texted me asking if I was alright and asking how the surgery was.
Today, my friends Lisa and Andreia texted me and wished me the best. And just a few minutes ago, my second best friend, Magali, just called me!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

See this boy in the photo? His name is Martim. He is Portuguese. Or he was... On March 23, this boy committed suicide. WHy? Because he was bullied at school. Everyday, his school mates punched him and joked with him because of his way of being, just because he was a boybelieber! Yes, just because of that! For very long days he used to wonder when that pain would end. He cried, he suffered in silence. "The pain will end!", they said. But it never ended. On that day, he drowned in his bath.
This boy will always be in my heart because he suffered, he dreamed, he was strong and he fell. But he will be remind everyday, he will be in my mind! And I hope he is in your mind too, but especially in your heart!
May God bless you all and may HIM help this boy's family to go through everything! Martim, rest in peace! </3

"You Again" --> Marni's life = My life!

I was watching the movie "You Again" like an hour ago and I realized that Marni's life is my life! Every time Marni got hurt or remind about her school time, tears just came to my eyes because it made me remember of my life! Marni is never heard when she needs to be heard, Marni is bullied at school, Marni sees somehow her enemy in her family life, Marni needs glasses, Marni used braces, Marni had a horrible hair, Marni... Marni is me! When I say that my life is a movie, I am NOT over reacting. I am being just honest with myself! Saying true to myself...

April 1 --> Two actor's birthdays

Ya know? I was seaching on wikipedia right now about celebrities and I found out another actor (very hot, by the way) whose birthday is also on April 1st: Matt Lanter. I know him from the movie "War Games - The Dead Code". It's pretty cool! And I just didn't know that his birthday was also on the same day as Asa Butterfiel, my favourite actor (check the posts below)!
Anyway, so I'm wishing "happy late birthday" to Matt now! Happy birthday, Matt Lanter!! xD
God bless! xx

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Freak nature!

Let me see... Today is a perfect sunny day, where birds fly in the sky and there is no cold here around. Almost no clouds in the sky! But now, pay attention! I was on my bedroom and I heard a noise from outside. I went to the window and I exclaimed "Look! It's raining! It's going to have a rainbow in a few minutes!" So I ran to the living room to see the rainbow better from the balcony! Now people, see this: when I arrived to the balcony, i was like "WOW!!! o.O What the hell is going on?!" It wasn't raining... IT WAS FALLING HAIL!!!
How on earth can this be happening? This nature is VERY freak!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Happy birthday Asa Butterfield!

Today, 1st April, is one of my favourite actor's birthday! He is 15 years old now! Happy birthday!!
Asa Butterfield acts on my favourite movie, Hugo, as the main actor. I first saw him on the movie Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, acting Norman. His blue eyes caught my attention right in the moment I saw them. Since then he became one of my favourite actors and now I follow every movie he is in. You may know him from the very famous movie The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, about the World War II. He is the main character, Bruno. Now he is filming a movie called Ender's Game where he will be playing the main role: Ender. He lives in Islington, somewhere "near" my cousin, with his parents and siblings: Morgan and Loxie. He plays the piano (and I wouldn't mind if he tough me how to play!) and likes cats (nice because I had already 5 cats or that). He also loves reading and I hope he likes mystery so we can read together! xD And as obvious, he was born on April 1 1997.
God's bless for all of you and may HE bless Asa Butterfield too! ;) (cool! I made a rhyme and I didn't realize!)
Hey guys! What's up? There's a long time I hadn't come here! Just came to update and all those stuff! :P Two reasons of not coming here:
  1. My internet was gone so I couln'd be online!
  2. I made a surgery two weeks ago on Friday and I couldn't go anywhere to get internet! :P
I missed my computer, my Facebook, my blog, etc... Have you been checking my Youtube? There's a new video there about Bullying! Go there and tell me what you think!
May God bless you! ;D