Friday, January 27, 2012

Happiness day! :) (Read because it's beautiful and kinda funny) - This is big, but it's worth it!

Ahhh! :) Today was so great! At school, my portuguese test went fine and at the net class we (Nica, Lady and I) were presenting a PowerPoint we made about bullying. At the end everyone started daying "Yea, and how are we gonna know who the victims are?" and then "So, you say that the victims hide themselves and never talk to anyonw. How will we have sure that they are vistims?" and then  I said "Talk to them. Make them trust you and they will tell you sooner or later!". But then they strated sayig that victims never talk and all those stuff and that if that don't wanna talk we should leave them alone. At that moment I lost my mind and said this:
"Do you at least know why they don't talk to you? Is because they are afraid! I was a victim of bullying and do you know how long did it take for me to speak to someone?"
"It took since 1st grade until middle of 6th grade. João (a guy from my class), do you remember when my cousin was here?"
"It was with him that I spoke and not with my BFF as you are saying. I didin't even knew her yet! I was there, outside, sitting in the staires and then my cousin was with you and your group. he came to me and said 'You are not staying there alone! You are coming with me!' and I did. If it wasn't him making me meet you guys, today I was still there alone, sitting in a corner trying to hide myself from the world."
As I spoke those words tears strated running outta my face. I just couln't hide them! Everyone was quite. Just silence until a friend of mine said "OK, stop crying because I have to read a poem and you are gonna make me cry too!" I laughed and a mate said from nothing "You were from my class on 5th grade, right?"
"yes, I was. Why?"
"Hehe, I knew it! My memory is so good! We were on the same table."
"Yes, we were. And you were always kicking my legs that I arrived home with them all black!"
He started glowing so much and everyone laughed even more! It was a crazy day but I felt happy as I haven't done for a while! :)
Oh, and by the way: the girl that used to hate me (she is not from my class) doesn't anymore! We talked for a while after that stuff that happened! :) I'm SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

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