Wednesday, February 01, 2012

♫ Happy, unhappy! ♫

♫ Lalala! Happy, unhappy! Should I smile, should I cry? ♫ Uh, sorry! I was just singing! xD Well, I wrote here what I was singing because it's what I feel! I'm happy for a looot of reasons but a bit sad too! I'm happy because I am writing a story for a page and I am cooking for the first ime and... OH MY GOD THE RICE!!!! BRB....  Ok, I'm back! xD Well, going on. And I am sad because no one is liking or commenting the story (by the way, it's on Facebook) and also because these three last days nobody visited my blog!:( :( Well, I gotta go talk to my cousin! :P
God bless! xx

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