Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny, Funnier, Funniest!

Wanna know something funny?? Today I was in the living room of my cousin's house when I heard Patricia (my little cousin's mom, who is also my cousin) laughing out loud. I runned to the hall to know was was going on! Then she said "Ya know what I found out??" "No! What is it??" "My mother uses this to clean the skin, right?" and I was like "Yes, why? That is rose water!" "Actually, it's not! Check this out!!". When I looked at it I started laughing so but so so loud! You know what it was?? It wasn't a face cleaner! It has the same pictures of a face cleaner but it is a perfume to put in cars and houses to smell good! xD OMG! The best thing that ever happenes this holiday! But I gotta admit... It's a mess to my aunt!
God bless you! xx

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